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Ogcrains Unveils ‘Pain’: A Reminder You’re Never Alone in Suffering

Pain is an unavoidable part of the human experience. We all face hardship and heartache at some point on our journey. However, we don’t have to suffer alone. Artist Ogcrains wants to remind us that we can find solace in the shared understanding of what it means to hurt. With his latest single, “Pain,” he opens up in a raw and relatable way about the agonies we carry within.

Ogcrains, whose real name is Jonathan Andrew Hunt, has poured his aches into this track. The 27-year-old artist draws from many pain points to create an anthem for the weary soul. As a child, Ogcrains felt the allure of music. While his mother gently dismissed his lofty dreams, he could not shake his calling. He lives out this passion, funneling his tribulations into lyrical catharsis.

However, the road has not been easy. One of Ogcrains‘ biggest early challenges was writing the lyrics. “When I first started recording and trying to write the music, I found that it was often much easier just to freestyle and glue bits and pieces together until I had a finished song,” he explains. Through repetition and persistence, he overcame that writer’s block. But with ‘Pain,’ he pushed himself further – spending a week drafting and revising until the words fully captured the anguish he hoped to convey.

“I didn’t want it to be cheesy, so I spent about a week writing it and trying different things,” says Ogcrains. Drawing from his experiences with heartbreak and substance abuse, he dove deep to find that authenticity. “I have had my heart broken before and have done my fair share of drugs, so I figured it would be fun to challenge myself to write a song about pain.”

The result is a haunting, vividly realized exploration of human suffering. Ogcrains’ unique gift lies in his ability to turn difficult personal experiences into compelling storytelling through his music. “I feel like what sets me apart from other artists is my unique storytelling and vivid emotions that you can feel in every one of my songs,” he muses.

While some may measure success in accolades and awards, Ogcrains finds profound fulfillment in his music’s positive impact on people’s lives. Messages from fans narrating how his songs have been their companions through tough times are his true trophies. “These may seem like small accomplishments, but knowing that my music is having a positive impact makes it all worth it,” he notes.

Ogcrains is not one to rest on his laurels. With his unflinching ambition, he sees himself climbing the charts, maybe even hitting the Billboard Top 100. But more than fame or recognition, his dream is to tour the world, sharing the gift of his music and his relatable stories of pain and triumph. “Hard work and dedication is the name of the game, and I’m ready to play,” he says, echoing his resolve and persistent pursuit of musical excellence.

Though the path has been long and often painful, Ogcrains continues to push forward, driven by his lifelong passion for music. With the unveiling of ‘Pain,’ he lays bare the most vulnerable recesses of his soul, hoping to forge a human connection through shared hardship. For, in the end, Ogcrains reminds us we are never alone in suffering. His music reaches out a hand, asking us to walk with him through the darkness.

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