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Upcoming Country Artist Kendall Eugene Looks to Tour the USA

Listening to music can often trigger the release of three powerful chemicals: dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which can give you a rush of pleasure and a feeling of happiness. But the real power of music isn’t in the chemical rushes it can cause, but in its ability to provide a sense of connection and understanding – its ability to let you feel seen and heard. Believing in music’s power to truly connect musicians and listeners, Kendall Eugene, a country musician, aims to get real and honest about life.

Born in the proud state of Texas, Kendall experienced country music from an early age. His father, a sound engineer with exceptional musical talent, and his mother, a classically trained vocalist, introduced Kendall to the twangs and heartbreak of the genre. At just six years old, Kendall’s musical journey began when the drummer in his father’s band didn’t show up for rehearsal. Kendall picked up the sticks and never looked back.

As time went on, Kendall wanted more than just drumming. He began to sing while drumming, but felt this was an awkward place to show off his vocal skills; this led to new instruments. To better connect with his audience, Kendall taught himself to play the acoustic and bass guitars and piano. But at just 14 years old. he was struck with a personal blow when his mother was diagnosed with and paralyzed by Multiple Sclerosis.

The heaviness of life led Kendall to turn to music as an expressive outlet. Between his mother’s diagnosis and having to give up his son for adoption at age 17, music has always been a way for Kendall to cope and center himself on his faith and life. But it wasn’t always the main coping technique for this musician.

Spending most of his young adult life focused on sports and fitness, Kendall’s experiences before music became the focal point, spanning college football, CrossFit, pastoral work, and working on pipelines. Now, Kendall considers himself a modern-day “renaissance man.” His obstacles have helped to create a resilient man who may appear hard and direct on the outside, but whose heart is gentle and genuine.

Turning fully toward music, Kendall strives to create a space for those who may have lost hope in life, refusing to shy away from the fact that life is far from perfect. Kendall now takes what he has gone through to produce good in his life, and the lives of others, believing that he didn’t choose country music to do this – country music chose him.

Inspired by artists such as Chris Stapleton, Tanner Usrey, Jelly Roll, and Zach Bryan, Kendall aims to create music that is authentic both lyrically and musically. His smooth voice, with raw edges, lends itself well to this musical genre, which hits at a different level for Kendall. Playing and writing music grounded in life’s experiences is often the essence of country music, connecting people and helping many realize they are not alone in their struggles.

Kendall hopes that his music can inspire others to realize there is more to life than what they may be currently going through. He works with the mindset that “if life is good, you’re not alone. If life sucks, you’re not alone.” With an upcoming EP release, shows planned at Levity Brewing Co. in Indiana, PA, and the desire to tour, Kendall hopes to help others get through tough times, and maybe belt out a song or two to make life feel better, even if it’s just for a moment.

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