Videographer Teeglazedit Is Always On His Game

From a city where mainstream talent is hard to come by, music videographer Teeglazedit has managed to build himself quite the platform and brand. One day growing up, he purchased a camera and began recording the growing talent the Milwaukee streets had to offer. From that point on, Teeglazedit has been the one behind the lens, boosting the careers of numerous artists.

Teeglazedit has already worked with some of the best underground and established artists in his career. Those include Soulja Boy, Sauce Walka, 54 Baby Trey, Looney Babie, and as of recently, BabyTron and Certified Trapper. The creative has produced multiple videos with a million or more views, and the music video he did for BabyTron and Certified Trapper’s “Zap Zone” that just released will soon add another to that list soon. 

You can watch that video here:

Teeglazedit is a creator you best keep your eye on in 2023. He’s got a lot planned, and new content will be flowing. The videographer is starting a new campaign built for artists who have the talent but maybe not the platform or budget to make it happen. He’ll be moving cities A&Ring and looking to work with some of the best untapped talents.

For updates and to follow what’s next in his career, check out Teeglazedit’s Instagram:

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