Who is Ceesar? Artists Driving Digital Change in the Music Industry

From businessperson to the singer, entrepreneur, and artist: who is Ceesar, and why do we keep hearing his name?

The music industry has been rocked these last few years, there have been massive changes that aren’t necessarily for the worst. Ceesar entered the music industry at a time of enormous innovation and change, and he intends to be part of that change in a big way moving forward.

Ceesar released his debut EP ‘Hustle & Passion’ in 2020, a few months before the pandemic. Since then he has racked up hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams including the help from his latest single Speechless (Afrobeats Remix) which dropped in November 2021. Ever since his first EP dropped we have seen massive changes in the music industry, there’s no turning back now.

The Music Industry is Changing

Music is changing just as much as technology is, streams and playlists are no different. We can pay to attend shows or we can purchase songs individually. Artists are receiving money for their work like never before.

Digital platforms allow artists to get paid thanks to their fans which in turn works as passive income that accumulates over time. Ceesar is one of the artists at the heart of this incredible opportunity for fans and artists to connect, allowing himself and other artists to create what they love and see a return from it while building relationships with fans.

From Businessman to Musician

Ceesar has become big news in the music industry since dropping his first project. His blend of eclectic genre compression mixed with auto-tuned vocals and a drive for digital change all combine to make one unforgettable artist. Yet, he wasn’t always destined for a music career.

Ceesar is Ottawa-born and graduated from Carleton University. After owning his own retail business, he shifted into the eCommerce world. He was on the pulse of the digital transition and saw the future, but if he wanted to pursue his musical career, there was never a better time.

The Future of Music is Digital – says Ceesar

What’s next for this ambitious music maker? We hope he expands his catalog to bring us more musical delights. He is already an accidental Instagram influencer and has developed a following worldwide. We should keep our eyes peeled for a Ceesar record label as this is one young entrepreneur/music maker that is in the business to stay.

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