Yazan Alsharif’s New Single “Live for your Dreams” is Blowing Up Social Media

Social media has audiences for every genre from every corner of the world. This has made it the most sought-after platform for budding artists seeking an audience. Although the competition is high, the platform offers endless opportunities to aspiring talents around the world. Yazan Alsharif is one such talent who used this platform to step into the music industry. His song “Live for your Dreams” became a viral track on the internet within a few weeks of its release in June 2021. 

It all started with his passion for music at a very young age. Yazan was intrigued by the notes and undertones of various genres. So much so that he would listen to old classics for hours just to mark every single beat and pause. At 13, Yazan tried composing a tune for the first time. To his surprise, he was able to do it effortlessly. Back then, he was not aware of the power of social media, so he only showed his talent to his close circle of friends and family. His first composition might not have earned him an audience but was a great motivation to shape his career. 

From then on, Yazan was confident about what he was going to do for the rest of his life. Growing up, Yazan discovered the endless possibilities of social media. He knew that this was the platform he needed to showcase his talent. He launched his own YouTube Channel “Yaz Sounds” and kept uploading music videos, most of which were recreations inspired by famous music tracks of the past. It was only a matter of time until Yazan started getting millions of views on his channel. 

In early 2020, Yazan decided to launch his career with original singles. To date, he has released 4 singles, among which is his recent song “Live for your Dreams”, which has topped several music charts. From YouTube to Spotify, Yazan managed to keep the audience glued to his tracks. Within a month “Live for your Dreams” earned millions of hits on Spotify. The popularity of the song took Yazan’s follower base to over a million on YouTube and Instagram. 

“Live for your Dreams” is a hard-hitting rap that harmonizes with softer undertones of country music. It is drill music that has electrifying energy combined with a catchy rhythm. With this track, the 25-year-old artist created something unexpected yet familiar for the audience. The lyrics are another highlighting aspect of the song. He talks about the broken dreams and of people who never made an effort to chase their dreams. This is how most talents are lost because they give up and pretend to be happy with whatever destiny throws at them.  “Live for your Dreams” is an inspiring track that resonated with people of all ages. 

The success of the song has won Yazan several offers to work with notable musicians from all over the world. Currently, the young artist is not interested in working under any label. He is particular about his choice of projects and is looking forward to collaborating with popular names in the music industry. Going forward, Yazan is planning to perform in live shows to connect with his audiences on a personal level.

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