Thursday, June 20, 2024

5 Ways Social Media Star Dark Joseph Ravine Is Creating Positive Change

Positive change is always necessary, but especially so these days, in a world where anyone can say anything online. Thankfully, positive role models are still out there, and Dark Joseph Ravine is the reigning champ of that category. He has established his entire brand upon a foundation of promoting kindness and positivity, authentically, each day. After releasing his first children’s book, Watch Out! It’s Nolan, he has found some unique ways to do his kindness mission, and it’s no secret why he’s quickly becoming a household name.

  1. Trendsetting – People are encouraged to follow social media trends, but Joseph has decided that a better strategy is to create his own. For example, he created a poster that promotes kindness-only households. You can create your own trends on social media. You don’t need to follow the same lip sync or dance trends that you see on TikTok. Instead, post what’s true to you. People will begin to take notice of your authenticity.
  2. Consistency – Dark Joseph Ravine uses a consistent voice across all his platforms. Furthermore, he posts regularly, and each post encourages his audience to be kind to one another. This creates a sort of domino effect; someday, a whole generation of content creators will be using the lessons they learned from Ravine. Hopefully, consistently spreading positivity will prove to be contagious, ultimately taking over social media entirely.
  3. Compassion – Compassion is difficult to find across social media. People hide easily through a thin veil of anonymity, and they will use this veil to say cruel things to strangers. Joseph rebukes this energy. Even when someone is mean to him, he ultimately resorts to kindness. If he does engage with trolls (which he advises to avoid, generally), he will reply politely instead of retaliating. Sometimes, they just stop replying, or they’ll block you, completely ending the tension. Rarely, though, people will change their mind–and you may make a new, unexpected friend!
  4. Positive Psychology – Creating a positive mental space for himself has allowed Joseph to create a positive mental space for others. He has used the power of positive psychology to live by his mission statement, Kindness For Success. It’s more than a mantra; acting kindly towards others pays off in big ways. Often, small acts of kindness leave huge impressions on people, for the better. You’d be surprised what small acts of kindness people remember for years to come.
  5. Rest – Don’t forget– rest is productive! It is important to take frequent breaks. Joseph has learned to listen to his mind and body when it tells him that it is time to stop. You can track your screentime with most iPhones, but if you’re already glued to your screen, it’s hard to keep track. Listen to your body’s cues. If you’re tired, you’re tired. It’s okay to log off.

These five strategies, and more, have culminated in the impressive Dark Joseph Ravine brand. He would not have been able to do so without using his own personality to produce his content. A little kindness goes a long way, and Dark Joseph Ravine plays the game exceptionally well.

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