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From Addiction to Entrepreneurship: How Alexis Silva Overcame Addiction and Found Her True Calling

Meet Alexis Silva, a tattoo artist based in Tennessee who is breaking down stigmas and overcoming challenges to pursue her passions and build a successful business.

With a decade of experience in healthcare, Alexis has seen firsthand the impact that stress and trauma can have on individuals. But she has also witnessed the transformative power of beauty and art, and how they can bring joy and confidence to people’s lives. That’s why, during the pandemic, she decided to explore her creative side and delve into the world of permanent makeup and fine line tattoos.

But Alexis’s journey has been far from easy. She is a recovering opioid addict, and for many years she struggled with guilt and shame about her addiction. “Being able to break generational trauma and still push forward was one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced,” she says. “I had to forgive myself and learn to love myself again.”

Despite these obstacles, Alexis has never given up on her dreams. She started off as a receptionist at a nursing home, but quickly worked her way up to become a nurse, then a case manager, and eventually a clinical consultant for eight nursing homes in Southern California. After moving to Tennessee with her family, she started her own permanent makeup business from scratch, building it up organically through hard work, dedication, and a genuine passion for her craft.

“I wanted financial freedom, to work when I wanted and how I wanted,” she says. “I wanted my two daughters to grow up and know that their mom’s life was not easy, but she did everything to better herself so she could be the best wife and mother.”

Alexis’s perseverance and determination have paid off in spades. She is now a three-time certified brow artist and a lip blushing expert, with a loyal client base that appreciates her attention to detail and personalized approach. And she has big plans for the future, including mentoring other women and helping them achieve their own goals.

“I truly believe women can do anything, and in this industry, there’s only 25% that are women,” she says. “That’s crazy to me, but amazing at the same time!”

For Alexis, success is about more than just financial gain. It’s about breaking down stigmas and inspiring others to overcome their own challenges. “Don’t give up,” she advises. “No one is going to bet on you if you can’t even bet on yourself. Prove them wrong. You have to practice every day and continue to learn and grow, and you gotta be willing to push yourself more and more every day.”

Through her story, Alexis hopes to motivate and inspire other women, especially those who are in recovery. “You don’t have to be a statistic,” she says. “You can heal yourself.”

To learn more about Alexis and her work, follow her on Instagram @cosmeticallyinkedbylex.

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