Adam Freeman’s Company ‘Remote Recording Solutions Inc’ Is Doing Record Numbers

Adam Freeman is a President and Executive Producer for Remote Recording Solutions Inc. His background is in audio engineering, music production, workflow development for post-production and remote team development. Remote Recording Solutions Inc. is a company that was founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 with the mission to provide world class music production solutions to artists’ bedrooms. This was because during COVID lockdowns there was nowhere for artists in the Los Angeles area to record music. Up until this time, the phrase “bedroom producer” or “SoundCloud rapper” was pejorative.

However, Adam Freeman believed the only thing holding those artists back was the access to good recording environments, excellent producers, and amazing engineers. Therefore, Adam Freeman decided it was time to bring the studio to these artists and give them a chance. The Remote Recording Solutions team went to work and started testing various microphones until they found a combination of microphone, studio headphones, and foam isolation booth that worked well together. Then, they purchased warehouse space and built their logistics network.

The company’s initial clients were skeptical that a recording kit shipped to their door would not be any good, but they quickly changed their minds after hearing the final result. The company’s production team specializes in audio restoration and enhancement, so as long as the microphone was placed in a good spot, they could get some amazing results.

Originally, they were not sure if the concept would last beyond COVID lockdowns, but as the restrictions started to get lifted, their clients kept coming back for more as well as telling their friends about the company. Clients love the convenience and access of knowing that if inspiration strikes at any time of day or night, they can easily jump on the microphone and know the results will be amazing. Clients also have saved thousands of dollars by not having to rent out studios to record. Remote Recording Solutions fundamentally is built on the concept of teamwork. They all work together as a singular entity to bring the best possible production & engineering to their clients. The production team is well versed in almost every genre and love to take on challenging projects. The end goal is to make it as easy as possible for their clients to achieve their artistic visions. Be sure to check out their Instagram for business related news. If you are interested in using their service, please check out their website.

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