Adam Lopate Carved His Own Path

Real estate is a risky business for many and often people try and fail to make it in this Industry. This possibility however did not waiver Adam Lopate one bit. He got his start in real estate five years ago and has already had over one hundred houses bought and sold. He started off working in Philadelphia real estate market but has now had so much success he is able to branch out into the Tampa and the Baltimore markets as well. Adam Lopate finds people in distress trying to sell their homes and buys them for cash. He takes in houses in varying conditions and situations, always being able to see the bigger picture. He then flips and sells these houses for a profit.

Along with this, he also educates others on the real estate market. He works with a real estate discord with a community of over 65,000 people. Here he helps teach people how to succeed in real estate. He shares his own mistakes and experiences to help others learn and not make the same ones. Adam not only teaches people how to get to where he is, but he makes sure to teach them how to do it right.

Adam Lopate has been able to become a very successful self-made entrepreneur and is always willing to help others do the same. In order to be successful, Adam Lopate shares that it takes everything you have. You need to live, breathe, and sleep your craft in order to succeed. It requires you to get up every day and step out of your comfort zone as he did. Adam Lopate recalls walking around the roughest parts of Philadelphia for eight to ten hours per day knocking on doors looking for sellers. He also would make countless cold calls hoping to find a big break. He explains success means doing whatever it takes and staying consistent. Most importantly, the key to success is to never give up. When things seem to be going bad, double down and work even harder.

Adam Lopate also explains it is important to have something inspire you to keep going. For him, this was the community he lives in. When he made the move to Philadelphia, he was inspired not just to help the people around him, but to live a different life than many fall into. He saw people struggling to make it and living paycheck to paycheck which inspired him not only to help them, but to create a different path for himself.

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