VMD Companies To Expand Under James Vitas

Taking his dream to new heights is James Vitas’ goal as a real estate investor. From his basement, James Vitas started VMD Companies in 2004 at the age of 19. Through hard work, persistence, and unfathomable determination James Vitas built VMD Companies into the powerhouse that now stands. VMD Companies is a New England-based firm that embodies an entrepreneurial, creative, hands-on methodology.

At VMD Companies, James Vitas specializes in the acquisition, entitlement, financing, leasing, and disposition of commercial real estate. Investing in opportunistic and value-add opportunities, James Vitas optimizes the yields of the firm by syndicating equity and structuring debt creatively. James Vitas works closely with VMD’s LP base, lending relationships, and an array of the firm’s high-profile network. Vitas led the company through the Great Recession, credit crisis, and recent COVID-19 pandemic. The true passion of James Vita is to navigate challenging times and complex transactions.

Several awards have been presented to VMD Companies. VMD Companies was awarded the project of the year by the New Hampshire Planners Association and the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2012 and 2016. James Vitas has guided VMD Companies in overseeing and investing over $1 Billion in real estate projects, spanning from New England to Florida.

James Vitas most prized accomplishment to date was the largest single tenant net lease transaction in US History. James Vitas acquired the 827,336 square foot NECCO facility for $52 million and later sold it 18 months later for $355 million. As well as his real estate empire, James Vitas also serves as a board member of a microbiome therapeutic company.

A big part of James Vitas’ success can be attributed to his wonderful team. One step at a time, VMD Companies embodies the mindset of winning the day. An euphoric feeling is brought to James Vitas’ heart when his team wins, a feeling that cannot be described, it must be experienced. When one member of the team wins, the whole team wins. There is more to VMD Companies than just a company; it is a family that strives to reach higher.

James Vitas offers life-changing advice for entrepreneurs looking to make their dreams a reality. “Everyone knows something, but not one person knows EVERYTHING. Trust your gut because no one will care about your business the way that you will have to in order to yield YOY growth.“

VMD Companies intends to become the world’s leading real estate investment company under James Vitas’ leadership.

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