Monday, May 27, 2024

Alabama’s Best Kept Secret: Mj Gill Is UP NEXT!

Hip-Hop Artist Mj Gill from Evergreen, Alabama is on his way to stardom. The young star has been vastly growing and making major moves as an independent artist. He has accumulated nearly 80k followers on Instagram and over 1.5 Million streams across all platforms. Mj is a hustler, growing up in tough circumstances gave him the drive to chase his dreams whole heartedly. We talked with Mj and asked him who his inspiration was and he said, “My granny hands down, she has done more for me than I can say, so I have to make her proud.”

Mj Gill is a household name in Huntsville and told us a few names to know in the city, “T1, YANTE Montana, JctheDon, J35, Zay Wavy, Burna Boy Chicago, and many more. Mj is known for his strong delivery and melodic flows. Hip-Hop is the front runner but he also does R&B to show his versatility. He is currently working on an album and with the hardwork and growth he has shown in the past, this album is sure to be nothing short of amazing. 

Mj Gill is one of the fastest rising stars of 2022 and in the blink of an eye we may see him at the top of the music industry. He told us that he is just getting started and the new music he is getting ready to rollout is going to shock everyone. Follow him on Instagram (@Mjgillofficial) to stay connected!

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