“Alyst” Jared Woodson on Burning the Music Charts with “Gleeming”

There has always been a rare breed of individuals who approach life and everything they do with such passionate intensity that it makes them shine like a star long before they become one. Jared Woodson from Kentucky is one such individual. Jared Woodson embarked on what he regards as his true calling at a young age – music! It’s something he is applying his passion and out-of-the-box creativity to, and the results are evident with his new single ‘Gleeming’ burning the music charts across the globe.

“You might say music is in my blood,” quips Jared Woodson. He elaborates, “My mom is an international singer, and my dad was the piano player for Michael Jackson on the famous ‘Thriller’ tour. Growing up, I was surrounded by a diverse and eclectic range of music. It seeped in passively and infused me with a life-long passion for melody, rhythm, and lyrics. I always felt that being able to pursue my passion and turn it into a full-time career would be the greatest thing I would ever want to do.”

With his current single ‘Gleeming’ receiving heavy rotation on the airwaves and a debut album on the cards, Jared Woodson’s dream is fast becoming a reality. Yet it’s typical of Woodson that he doesn’t just want a musical career; he wants to create something that no one has ever done before. “Much like extraordinaire artists such as Pharrell, I want to revolutionize my sound completely and make it unique. I’m all about breaking boundaries and smashing frontiers. I write my own songs and can rap and sing. I’m confident I’ve got what it takes. The end goal is to win a Grammy; that’s how serious I am about this,” concludes the ‘Gold’ artist.

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