An exclusive interview with the talented rapper Elfrogito

Born in Toronto but by way of the Bronx, rapper Elfrogito will soon hail the throne. In 2018, he saw viral triumph with the release of “Lover”, a captivating visual effort that instantly grabs the eye. The song amassed 500k streams on all platforms. Since then, it’s only been up for the 24-year-old emcee.

Fast forward to today, Elfrogito is only miles from superstardom. With the release of his breakout record, “Slime Fever ” 2019 turned out to be Elfrogito greatest year thus far. The standout cut garnered over 500 thousand views on all platforms and serves as a preview of his EP “Frogito’s story”. The 3-track project spawned several hits like “Don’t do that, “MUD” and “Early Mornings”

In our recent interview, we sat down with Elfrogito to talk about him as an artist

Walk me through your childhood, what was it like growing up in Toronto and how did that sort of make you who you are today?

It was pretty rough, but for me growing up there, it was average. It wasn’t bad for even though we were poor, my mom always kept me fly. As a kid, I was kind of spoiled so there weren’t too many bad things. I’d just say I had a regular childhood, I always went to school.

As far as music goes, how did you gravitate to that scene?

At the time, all the music on the radio, I actually thought about remixing that shit. This is when A$AP Rocky had “Fucking Problems” out with 2 Chainz, Drake, and Kendrick. I remember hearing Rocky and Kendrick’s part like “damn, they going off.” After that, that’s when I first started writing my first verses. It’s been my hobby since then.

Were you in school when you first blew up? And if so, how was it adjusting to the fame?

It was cool, no one really tripped. I don’t know, I really just be ignoring motherfuckers.

You saw viral success from the release of “Slime Forever,” how did you react to attention, and what in particular changed for you?

We were just fucking around, but once that shit started going, it was like ain’t no way we up. It wasn’t something I went crazy over right away. That’s how it came about, it was my first million views in like a month or so. I was still chill, like “let’s get some more” type shit.

You dropped your debut effort, “My way,” a few months back, how did it feel to finally drop the project?

I mean we were hype, it did more numbers than expected. Like I said, I just be scoring, I don’t really look at the scoreboard.

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