Artist Haleh Mashian Explains Her View Of The Real And Imagined World Through Her Art

Haleh Mashian is an artist who discovered her passion for art twenty-five years ago after taking a class at UCLA extension, not knowing that she would never put down her brush again. She originally went to college to study real estate finance at USC, and then shortly after graduating, she realized that this path was not for her.

Haleh was craving something more imaginative and uplifting. She eventually realized that creativity and imagination are a big part of who she is, and pursuing that allowed me to create an avenue for incorporating that into life.

After a one-month-long silent retreat, Haleleh envisioned herself painting alone all day with no human interaction. During that particular moment, she realized that wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted an inclusive space where she could get inspired and support other artists, showcase their work, bring it to the world, and create that circular exchange. 

The pivotal moment in her career was the first opening she had at a gallery, where close to two-thousand people attended and after seeing the joy, the buzz, and the creative energy manifest in the room, was something she will never forget.

From that experience, Haleh knew she would host many exhibitions that would bring many artists and the community together. Then fast-forward to 2019, she hosted a group exhibition at the W Hotel Hollywood during Frieze Art Fair. That night was a tremendous success, not only for the turnout but with many celebrities, art patrons, and friends, attending a one-night event on the rooftop. Since then, she has partnered with W Hollywood to continue creating this space and experience.

The inspiration behind Haleh’s upcoming exhibition Mash Muse was to commingle all disciplines ranging from painting, installation, digital, technology, fashion, and interior design, all manifested from one source that is creativity and passion. Though she is exhibiting works from all mediums, they are all circular, connected in some shape or form, stemming from my artistic discourse and vision. 

When asked to describe her art, Haleh said shehad been an expressionistic mixed media painter for over the past twenty-five years”. She works in different series, and each of these series “has a personal story attached to it. Whether it was an insight that occurred during meditation, soul searching or inspiration from the above. No matter the source of my creation, I am very much into color, texture, and scale”.

Haleh was often told that when someone looks at her painting, it carries such lively energy that emanates her presence via the painting. She constantly explores different materials, and as she becomes more confident in using them, she took the opportunity for this solo show to express her work through all disciplines, including painting, installation, sculpture, digital space, fashion, and interior design.

That said, MASH MUSE is the mashing of all artistic disciplines.

Haleh believes the best way society can implement art into their lives after the last two years has provided the opportunity to do soul searching and realize that there is a balance between the inner and outer world, which is different for every person. More than ever, people pay attention to their surroundings and understand the effect of beauty and artful living–elevating one’s mood and style is also essential to living a rich and meaningful life. Haleh thinks a lot more people became motivated to surround themselves with what inspires them, and what better way to do that than with art? Be sure to check out Haleh’s upcoming exhibition Mah Muse by checking out her website:

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