California Artist Rakan Ayyoub displays strength through the release of “It’s God.”

California hitmaker Rakan Ayyoub is back with his latest single “It’s God”. With a growing catalog of buzzing tracks stemming from this year and last, his newest work serves as a statement of clarity in his position as a burgeoning superstar. On the 3 minute song, Rakan Ayyoub speaks on tough topics like love, hardship, humility, and the strength needed to remain himself despite social pressures from the industry.

Since early 2021, Rakan Ayyoub has been consistently releasing hit singles leading up to his debut project, “Legacy,” slated to drop in December. With his mesmerized fanbase growing daily, Rakan has no plans on slowing down. Instead, Rakan claims he has made his musical endeavors personal. Stating that he will achieve by any means necessary. Listeners are left to wonder why it became so  personal for Rakan Ayyoub. His newest single “Rooted In Me” serves as the first official release of “Legacy,” Rakan’s debut album. The record speaks on Rakan’s state of mind being a publicly recognized recording artist in the west coast music ecosystem. Splitting his time between his music journey, a business owner,  and life as a student at Cal State Fullerton, Rakan Ayyoub is going his hardest to ensure that nobody can stop the purpose God bestowed in his life.

Rooted In Me” on Spotify below: 

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