CEO Nuski Turns Focus Inward On New Project “No Fame”

The entailments of the music industry have proved too much for many young artists, yet North Carolina rapper CEO Nuski is setting a different path. His newest project is entitled “No Fame” and speaks to fame and its influence. He related in a personal interview that “It’s titled “No Fame” because I’m not really focused on fame, nor do I let it control or dictate my life. I’m more focused on wealth but the fame is welcomed and appreciated. I’m releasing the project on my birthday September 29, 2021. There’s a lot of great songs with very talented artists on the project. This project is really just letting people know I’m serious about what I do and who I do it for.”

Nuski comes from a musical family and his loved ones have played a huge role in pushing him to pursue a career and realize the talent within him. The young rapper has overcome much in his life and explained that one of the most difficult was finding himself. He discusses, “I may end to lose myself when doing so many things in life such as hustling, surviving the everyday life of my environment, taking care of myself while trying to take care of others, and, at the same time, struggling to create a better lifestyle.” The soon-to-drop release touches on all these topics and CEO Nuski hopes it will bring with it new levels of success and even greater connection to the listeners.

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