Comedian Trevor Glassman Embraces the Journey Of Stand Up Comedy

Even from a young age, Trevor Glassman knew that making people laugh was something he loved to do and wanted to continue doing for the rest of his life. Trevor, a witty and goofy kid of Bedford, New Hampshire, grew up playing basketball and thought he would someday be a basketball coach. He decided that making people laugh was something he enjoyed even more than basketball. Just before Glassman graduated college, he got in contact with his 7th grade French teacher who just so happens to be Seth Meyers’ (Late Night With Seth Meyers SNL) mother. She recommended moving to Chicago to help jump start his career with stand-up comedy. Glassman took her advice and moved to the windy city where he got a sales job and did stand-up every single night that he lived there.

Glassman plans to be headlining comedy clubs and appearing on Comedy Central in the near future with his great sense of humor. He often pokes fun at himself and makes jokes about everyday life things that everyone in the audience can relate to, while also pointing out absurdities in the world. Trevor is driven by the love of his audience to become a better comedian every day. Hearing audience members’ stories about how they’re going through a rough patch and that Trevor was able to cheer them up with his shows is the most rewarding part of being a comedian to Glassman.

Trevor has a love for his audience as much as they love him. He wants to reach people all over the country with his humor. He believes that the key qualities that create success for other entrepreneurs are an immense amount of self belief, originality, being savvy, and having a group of like-minded people that you can grow with. He looks up to people like Kobe Bryant for his relentless work ethic and self belief, and Allen Iverson for achieving things that nobody thought were possible despite his circumstances. The biggest challenges he has faced while being a comedian were dealing with and learning from bad sets. He blocks out the disapproval of people that he knows thinking that he was chasing a pipe dream. If he could give advice to any young entrepreneurs that have dreams like him it would be “It’s definitely going to be a hard road, but not going for what you want is even harder. There’s no easy option, give it all you have and push yourself in the direction you want to go in. You have your whole life to achieve your goals, so don’t stop or quit and success will come to you.”

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