Moneyman Pablo: A Star On The Rise

Reining from Aiken, South Carolina, rising star Moneyman Pablo knew at an early age that he was destined for greatness. Growing up, Pablo was surrounded by musical elements. His curiosity behind music slowly grew into a passion and eventually a career.

When asked the most troubling things he’d ever had to overcome, Moneyman answered that getting shot at such a young age was the wake up call he needed to set his priorities straight. At just 18 years old Moneyman Pablo would almost be taken away too soon.

Moneyman Pablo is currently an independent artist, however he still manages to make noise in the music industry. He takes on the role of a true musician having the ability to mix, master, and engineer his own voice. Pablo’s musical inspirations come from mainstream artist NBA YoungBoy. Moneyman Pablo also hopes to collaborate with NBA YoungBoy one day.

Moneyman Pablo is looked at by professionals in the industry as a rising star with a bright career in front of him. Moneyman Pablo is constantly at work, experimenting with new sounds and always working to craft the next big hit. Moneyman Pablo is currently finalizing a series of music videos, working to release one every few weeks. If you’re interested in keeping up with everything Moneyman Pablo, follow him on Instagram here. If you want to stream Moneyman Pablo’s current catalog check out the link here.

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