Devon Walden’s Money Making Game Plan

Growing up in Red Bluff, California, Devon Walden and his 6 younger siblings were raised by his mom and stepdad.  They both passed away while Devon was only 15 years old, forever being an inspiration of hustle and hard work for him. Left with nothing, but the memories, Devon was determined to become self-made through simultaneously working multiple jobs to eventually saving up 30K and investing in his first property in Indiana.  His interest in real estate investing started with property management and wholesaling where he would find properties for others. Devon’s exponential growth didn’t start until he understood how to utilize business capital to buy properties by himself. These were the building blocks of Devon Walden’s company, Prodigious Fellows.

In Devon Walden’s first year of real estate, he successfully acquired 7 doors on his own, started an ATM business, started a property management business, started a vending machine business, and helped people fix credit, and get personal loans and business funding.  His list of jobs never ends due to his dedication to success. He held himself accountable to be consistent and step out of his comfort zones.  Moreover, his willingness to invest in himself has only benefitted him moving forward. The challenges he has faced such as acquiring money to get into more houses and scale his business have only helped grow his knowledge for Prodigious Fellows. Currently, Prodigious Fellows is a talented company that mainly buys run-down properties and flips them into beautiful properties for long-term rentals and short-term Airbnb rentals. Additionally, Prodigious Fellows are involved with ATMs and Vending Machines. Devon Walden’s dedication and consistency are paving the path for success in Prodigious Fellows. His ability to work consistently every day and set an example for his team will create driven leads who can sustain the business to create a well-oiled machine. To take advantage of what Devon Walden and Prodigious Fellows have to offer, look at Prodigious Fellows. Additionally, follow Devon Walden on Instagram.

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