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Experience Dubai’s Extravagant Lifestyle with Abbas Sajwani

There is a famous saying that Dubai will never settle for anything less than first place. Dubai is a hub for a lavish lifestyle, posh cars, and exotic locations. One more thing which makes Dubai special is its sumptuous and luxury bungalows, apartments, and premium properties. To have an opulent home is a dream for many people, and Abbas Sajwani makes such dreams come to life.

Dubai is known for its wealth, classy lifestyle, and travel destinations. The country is rich in culture, history, and architecture. The most popular possessions in Dubai are desserts, camels, cars, luxurious homes, and dates. Dubai attracts the world to its life, opportunities, and unusual locations. Finding accommodation in Dubai is not easy and that’s why a real estate broker is imperative to buy a dream house. Very few are capable of it and that’s exactly what Abbas Sajwani does.

Born on 23rd July 1999 in UAE, Abbas Sajwani is a young businessman and entrepreneur. He began his professional career at a very young age. He was merely 18 when he established his real estate company, AHS Group in 2017. His business focuses on brokering luxurious apartments and villas in Dubai. The company has more than 2000 employees with value assets of $800 million.  AHS Group sells premium properties in Emirates Hills and sea-facing villas on Dubai’s exclusive Palm Jumeirah.

Abbas Sajwani is a young lad with a broad vision, his company deals in three distinctive markets i.e., ventures, properties, and investments with a headquarter in Dubai. To date, AHS Group has four deluxe villas in its kitty. Three of them are worth AED80m ($21.8m) and the fourth villa is worth more than AED150m ($40.8m). Another villa named Amara Villa at Emirates Hills has seven suite bedrooms of approximately 45,000 sq ft. In 2020, Abbas Sajwani started investing in stock markets for his business.

It’s imperative to merge technology with living and Sajwani understands this concept very well. In November 2021, he bought smart and high-tech properties to sell them. His focus was villas and buildings, and he is expecting to launch another venture which will catapult his company’s GDV to $1.13 Billion.

For the expansion of his business, Sajwani announced his new endeavor named One Canal in 2022. It includes 24 ultra-luxurious apartments on the Dubai Canal. The villas will be accompanied by a spa, private cinemas, cigar lounges, and private swimming pools on all balconies. The project involves many big names. The interior design of all apartments has been done by the renowned hospitality design firm, Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA). The architecture of One Canal is designed by Killa Design Architecture, a firm already working on major notable projects like Dubai’s Museum of the Future. Sajwani made sure to incorporate the best in business for one of the most anticipated projects.

The future plans for Sajwani are quite innovative, creative, and modern. In the coming years, AHS Group will build home accommodations not only for rich people but for middle-class people too. The AHS Group will build homes in the sky touching buildings at a reasonable price but with quality living experiences. AHS Group aims to minimize the difference in the living standards of rich and middle-class people.

The project One Canal has not started yet and is expected to begin in 2023 and finish in 2025 in a prime location in Dubai such as Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, and Jumeirah Bay Island. Right now, only a handful of projects have been accomplished by AHS Group but it is still giving strong competition to its competitors.

It was pretty obvious that Abbas Sajwani will follow in his father’s footsteps who founded the property development company; DAMAC Properties. He got his vision and knowledge about real estate from his father who himself is quite a successful businessman. All in all, Dubai is beautifully shaping itself and attracting people from all walks of life from across the globe. People like Abbas Sajwani are responsible for Dubai’s transformation from a desert to a high-tech urban city.

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