Shalom Kolontarov is Back Again With His Amazing Show ‘Funny Brothers’

You may have heard of Shalom Kolontarov, the Usbek-American actor, singer, producer, director, and emerging author who has become famous worldwide for his music and tremendous acting skills.

Shalom Kolontarov was born on April 6, 1992, in Usbekistan and now lives in the United States. He started performing professionally after leveraging his notoriety as an actor in his comedy videos and short films on YouTube to become a short film star on his channel “Shalom Kolontarov”.

When it comes to writing his own works, Shalom Kolontarov has come a long way. The release of season two is eagerly anticipated by the public. The upcoming season is already being written by Shalom Kolontarov.

Along with his brothers Yakov and Lior Kolontarov, Shalom Kolontarov produced a magical comedy show “Funny Brothers” for youngsters. Funny Brothers is a new kind of comedy about real brothers. Three brothers who fall in love with lovely women end up fighting for them. One Love, two crazy twins, one poison, and two brothers who don’t stand each other. A new kind of story about three brothers. The first season of Funny Brothers was launched in 2021 with 10 episodes. This TV series had been a nominee for MLC Awards in 2021.

Shalom Kolontarov has been serving as an Exclusive Manager of Kolontarov Brothers Productions since 2010. He served as a supporting actor in his very first movie, an Action & Thriller called “NYC Finest” (2014) that received dozens of positive reviews on YouTube. After trying his hands on acting and producing many shows he wrote his first book, “The Garden of Life,” which is also now available on Amazon in Kindle format. Shalom wants to influence as many people as he can, thus he intends to continue authoring books throughout his career. You will be seeing him in another major movie soon.

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