How Maor Mo Rose to Fame with his Unconventional R&B Style

Music as a work of art has always inspired music artists to create something different and unique. Earlier artists limited their creativity to the traditionalism of genres, but modern artists have dared to break the barriers and set new standards. Maor Mo, a talent from the fresh breed of contemporary artists is setting a new trend in R&B with his unique style. He is fearless about his approach to music, smashing traditional R&B subjects to talk about real issues and social taboos. 

Maor Mo Avigdor is popularly known as Maor Mo across all music platforms. This rising star of the music industry started his journey at the young age of 18 when he moved to Miami with limited resources. Hailing from a family of music artists, Maor Mo was born with a natural passion for music. As a toddler, he was more fascinated by cassette tapes and MTV music videos than toys and cartoons. His family moved to American when he was only 8, and Maor Mo found it difficult to fit into a culturally different environment. He felt isolated because of his language. 

All through his adolescent years, music was his solace. He wrote songs in school instead of notes. His favorite pastime was recording music on his computer rather than playing video games. At 18, Maor Mo decided to seriously pursue his passion. He moved to Miami to find a career in the music industry but had to face a series of challenges before he reached the position where he is today. 

He spent days being homeless and worked several odd jobs to eke out a meagre living. Although his family found it difficult to understand why he was struggling this hard, Maor Mo had faith in his passion. He knew his talent was unique and just required to find a way to be recognized. Rico Love, a prominent name in the industry instantly recognized his talent and took him under his wing to hone his craft. 

It was a journey of trial and error for Maor Mo and he learned from many renowned mentors in the industry. He found recognition when he was featured in one of Pleasure P’s EP titled “Pleasure P Presents”. Maor Mo’s single “Usher Told You” was well received by the audience for being blatantly realistic yet soothing to the ears. He blended an international sound while still preserving the melody of traditional R & B. To be precise, Maor Mo was treading the space that no other R&B artist had. 

He was next featured in another single by Pleasure P titled “Insecure”. His collaborative music video with “Robot” with Pleasure P went viral on music platforms garnering millions of views in a short time. Since then, Maor Mo has collaborated with several renowned artists in the industry, such as Talib Kweli, The Game, and many others. 

Presently, Maor Mo is excited about his upcoming release “Same God” which is due out in October this year. He feels this will enthrall his audience like never before taking his realistic approach to R&B to the next level. He wants to continue creating more soul-soothing tunes for his fans, setting new trends in the industry.

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