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Feeling Colors – Moody Bank$

It’s easy to draw a line from the past to the present, from the 50’s blues singers to 70’s soul divas to 90s revivalists and on into the 21st-century R&B explosion. And if you did that, you would find that you could sit Moody Bank$ right on the end of that as the current chapter that keeps the story moving and grippingly exciting.

Feeling Colors is a thoroughly modern album, both of the moment and looking to take the next step into the future. But it still weaves its way around all the sounds and styles mentioned above.

It sits in a slightly chilled place, preferring to keep things subdued and understated, and is all the better for such a stance. There are moments of more upbeat joy, and tracks such as Work It Out and Awe of You beat a bit faster and groove a bit harder, but generally, the slow-jam, soul vibe characterizes the album. Songs such as Joy Ride, Note To Self, and Easy Bake are destined to be chill-out soul classics.

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