Fiancées and Business Partners: Gian Saunders, aka The Fierce Female Financier, and Brett Pipkin are Revolutionizing Financial Advising

Who is more qualified to share advice on maintaining a healthy relationship with your money than an engaged couple operating their own certified financial firm? Gian “the Fierce Female Financier” and Brett Pipkin work out of their San Diego firm to bring financial literacy and positive money habits to underserved communities in Southern California. The couples’ ultimate mission is to create a self-sustaining web of finance leaders nationwide that can consistently promote and create opportunities for every family to achieve generational wealth.

Saunders, who was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Pipkin, from Shreveport, Louisiana, faced individual challenges on their paths that led them to success and, ultimately, each other. Both were experiencing the effects of poor money habits as they grew up; they felt inclined to help others learn the financial knowledge they had to teach themselves. After Saunders went through a divorce from, as she puts it, her marriage and her career, she relocated to California and met Pipkin.

The couple has set goals for their joint career so lofty that it often scares them. “That’s when you know your vision is big,” Saunders says. Looking to take their message nationwide, the couple is working to educate a new generation of financial educators that can help build stronger communities across the county. “You need a vision or ‘why’ large enough for you and everyone else that you’re going to be working with to fit into it,” Saunders advises.

As their business and message grow, however, the couple always remains appreciative of the time they can spend together and help each other. “You know they say,” Saunders remarks gloatingly, “two people in love, aimed at the same goal, are unstoppable.” Learn more about Gian Saunders and Brett Pipkin, as well as their financial education mission, by following them on Instagram: @fierce_female_financier and @pipkinbrett.

John Lyberg
John Lyberg
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