Finesse Cobain Shows Out On Song “Love Spells”

Born and raised in New Jersey, but currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia relentlessly trying to change his life trajectory, is rising superstar Finesse Cobain. Where he comes from, not a lot of people make it out. The artist has faced the fake love and lack of support in his new pursuit but knows he has what he needs and isn’t going to let the noise get in the way. Recently on his endeavor to the top, Finesse Cobain dropped an EP featuring a handful of hits, but one song, in particular, stands out, and that’s the first track, “Love Spells.”

Love Spells” features Finesse Cobain’s melodic vocals that portray his passion and pain throughout the song. He speaks on his first love and how he used to keep her close, but now it’s no longer like that. He sold his soul to a green-eyed demon, and now she has runoff. Finesse Cobain pulls at the heartstrings with this one and is a must listen for anyone going through a similar situation.

Love Spells” is on Finesse Cobain’s latest EP and standouts amongst the others. Be sure to check out Finesse Cobain and his music on all platforms, as he is sure to be a big-name star in the near future.

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Kyle Dendrick
Kyle Dendrick is a news reporter for CaliPost.

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