Fresh Micks Gets Real On New Track “Serpentine”

Hailing from California, musician, producer, and engineer Fresh Micks has been working on his craft since 2010. The artist started popping off early in his career with a few mixtape releases early on. The artist made his debut to all major streaming platforms just last year. All releases currently on his Spotify page are from 2020 till the present.

“Serpentine” is the first track off of his newest 4 song EP titled “Dream Big.” The track features a sample-based instrumental, hard-hitting drums, layered under Fresh Mick’s honest vocal performance. The artist spits real lyrics about his life and relationship with his significant other.

Fresh Micks jumps from rapping to singing, going back and forth throughout the duration of the song. He picks apart his relationship, detailing what it looks like and what he hopes it to be.

You can follow Fresh Micks here:

You can listen to “Dream Big” here:

Chris Anderson
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