The Journey of DJ Lotus Bomb

Elizabeth Dallman, also known as Dj Lotus Bomb is a refined DJ and artist in Miami making it big in the entertainment scenes. She is an iconic lady who has established a solid background in music as she began playing instruments at the age of 8. Her journey into Deejaying and music was out of a passion for music and instruments. With her songs, she brings back the vibe of 70s, 80s, and 90s music

Dj Lotus Bomb’s Background

Elizabeth Dallman, aka Dj Lotus Bomb, was born and raised in Germany on an army base and moved to South Carolina when she was 12. The fascinating thing is that she began her musical foundation in piano when she was 8 and progressed to the violin and viola when she was 12. Music and the arts have played a significant role in her life, especially playing first-chair violinists throughout her orchestra career.

In college in Charleston, SC she became inspired to become a DJ. Her musical interest did not stop there as she went ahead and explored producing and Deejaying 10 years later in Miami inspired by the house scene: melodic minimal and techno house. She is inspired by artists such as Lee Burridge, Damian Lazarus, Mira, and Adam Port. She also takes a big influence from her refined taste in the 70s, 80s, and 90s music.

Thriving Force

1. Passion

Lotus dates back her musical journey to when she was eight when she started playing the piano. Her fascination for music instruments and music propelled her to trying different instruments such as violin, viola, and Deejaying. Listening to her latest single release ‘Queen of Hearts’ will leave any lady feeling like a queen and giving any man inspiration on matters of the heart.

2. Hard work and sustainability

It takes effort to achieve the milestone and goals you set in life. This is no different with Lotus as she is truly committed to her career. She has diversified in music but Deejaying is where her call is. Through the journey, she has overcome finding her sound and identity, which now speak for her

3. Authenticity 

She is also an iron lady being diverse in her musical talent and also thriving in the male-dominated world of Deejaying. She puts out her intense personality in her music which brings about great effects. This blends well with her 90s music, being her brand. she is bringing back the forgotten and overlooked with an exhilarating sound. 

4. Success Habits

When not in the studio, Lotus is with her Frenchie at home watching Netflix. Upon distress and burnout, she prefers spending time with her loved ones and doing self-relaxing activities such as watching movies. This is a refreshing practice that leaves her energetic to go on with work. 

ConclusionElizabeth is an example of an iron lady who has gone through a successful journey with grit, beating all odds to establish a foundation in music. She too has a curious nature that has made her do most discoveries in music. She is one to look out for in global music scenes.

Listen to her latest single, ‘Queen of Hearts’ on Spotify:

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