How Edward Bruce Used Digital Media to Scale up His Music Group TMG

Music is a world in itself. It speaks a language we all understand. With the advent of digital media, the music industry has widened its scope to budding artists worldwide. With billions of users around the globe, digital media has proved to be the ideal platform for aspiring artists to showcase their talent. However, the situation for every aspiring talent on digital media is not the same, and the music industry is no exception. The advantages a music artist working under a major label can enjoy are incomparable to a newbie’s DIY presentation in the industry. Executive music producer and digital media mogul Edward Bruce has stepped in to bridge the gap with Tuigse Music Group (TMG). 

TMG was started 4 years ago by Edward from a dorm room at the University of Glasgow. After his long-term friend ventured into the music industry, the duo realized every newcomer’s inevitable challenges in the space. One of the most difficult of them is to present their talent on par with the latest trends. The idea behind TMG is to provide personalized music production services to aspiring artists at the most affordable rate. These services are almost equivalent to the facilities an artist enjoys working under a major music label. 

Over the years, TMG has proved to be a successful brand for Edward, earning him millions of views on different digital platforms. To date, he has received a Gold certification award in France and Belgium for his contribution to Loïc Nottet’s Selfocracy album, a Sony/Jive Epic release. He has also been awarded the Platinum certification in Belgium for the same contribution. Edward has collaborated with popular labels like Red Bull Music and Sony/RCA Records UK for writing sessions. He has also been the executive producer of Shogun’s release with Dizzee Rascal. 

Being a quiet person who loves his personal space, communication has been a challenge for Edward. He has always been focused on his goal and worked hard to accomplish it but developing valuable connections became difficult for his introverted nature. Through time, Edward has learned the importance of communication the hard way and is proud of the wisdom gained along the way. He has used his experiences and knowledge to scale up his music group and help budding talent. 

Today, TMG is one of the most renowned brands in the UK music scene as they have become a sought-after name among aspiring talent. It was initially difficult for Bruce to understand the varied preferences and styles of the artists he has worked with, but nothing stopped him from also mastering that to emerge as one of the most sought-after executive music producers in the space. 

Edward Bruce wants to scale up his music group further in digital media to reach more artists and help them present their best selves to the world. He also wants to collaborate with renowned artists and major labels worldwide to grow his brand into a household name in the music industry. He intends to create an open space for artists to help them with state-of-the-art recording and production facilities.

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