How Music Lessons Help Kids Conquer Stage Fright

It is a well-known fact that learning an art, or skill, enhances confidence in an individual. Most successful people have at least one hobby, which is incline towards some sort of art. Being able to play a musical instrument or perform an art fires neurons in the brain in such a pattern that confidence starts to build up. People of all ages can take advantage of available artistic learnings to build confidence and activate the creative thinking in their minds, but it’s better if done at an early stage in life. Most people nowadays understand this and because of widespread information kids music classes are generally functioning on full capacity. It’s becoming harder to find available slots for kids’ music classes at good music schools.

And as much as everybody knows how difficult it can be, for even the most confident people to be on stage and perform or even give a lecture as stage fright is a real thing which most people suffer from without even knowing. The best way to get rid of stage fright is to instill an artistic skill in an individual which subconsciously develops confidence or lack of fear of facing audiences. We see there are performers, who are so comfortable on stage and able to dictate the actions of the audience. It’s because they subconsciously know that they have a craft they have mastered. In most cases it is a musical instrument they could play with perfection. 

It does not matter if somebody is an artist, a lecturer, or politician it takes the same kind of subconscious confidence to feel comfortable and connect with the audience, and that comfort generally comes when you have a skill which is entertaining whether you are using it at that point or not. It’s more like having a handy tool in your toolbox which you can use anytime and garner some appreciation and de-escalate any unwanted situation by diverting attention.

All it takes is learning to play a musical instrument with conviction. As mentioned earlier, it can be done at any age, but childhood is the best age to learn an art because this is the time of life when the brain is most ready to collect and store the information. Practising anything becomes muscle memory, but it’s way quicker if we do it as a child. At the subconscious confidence, one gains as a child helps an individual to succeed in all avenues in life. Not everyone needs to be on the stage, but if you aspire to pick up a leader even a small group of people working with you are your audience and your boardroom is your stage.  Someone who knows how to play a musical instrument starts practising performing in front of audiences from a very basic level. If a child learns a new chord on guitar, they’re going to perform it in front of their parents just for compliments. those compliments and steals, a lot of confidence, and the confidence boost. Their self-esteem, and all this combined is a recipe of success.

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