DeAndrea Bush’s God-Given Talents Make Her an Unstoppable Force, Set to Release Her Next Single “Favor of God”

Music is one of the building blocks of being human. Singing comes as naturally as a child’s first words, an instinct that awakens without much coaxing required – it’s human nature. After all, music enriches lives and awakens souls. But singing becomes so much more than a tune hummed, or lyrics memorized when it comes with a purpose. That is the path singers like DeAndrea Bush have set out to take.

With the release of her first single, “Reign,” the teacher and singer shared how religion has helped her flourish and stay in her lane, both in her career and in her creative pursuits. “I never thought I could be a teacher,” DeAndrea admitted as she recounted learning difficulties while growing up. “Throughout my schooling, I struggled with reading comprehension and had to have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). I thought to myself: How could I teach if I couldn’t even retain information?” But by overcoming negative self-talk and believing in a higher purpose, she was able to reach her dreams. She realized that her life shifted once her mindset did, saying, “Once I told myself I could do it because this was what God wanted me to do, things changed.”

As with reaching her dream job of being a teacher, DeAndrea’s steadfast faith in God and His plans for her has led her to chase after her love of singing. She admits to having hesitations with the industry, knowing that a lot of artists are pressured into losing themselves for the sake of fame. “I’ve seen people allowing fame to deter them on the wrong path and then having to step away and regroup to heal,” she said. But while she dreams of taking part in a cutthroat industry that sometimes values looks more than the message, she knows that her passion and beliefs keep her anchored. “I’m not singing for entertainment, fame, or money. I sing because I love it,” she added.

DeAndrea keeps herself on track with the help of her faith, her goal being to minister the gospel across the world and leave a lasting impact. “It may seem like a cliche, but I was that little girl who used to sing in the choir,” she reminisced. While she knows the road to her dream is chock full of deterrents, she knows that her faith enables her to pursue the gift that God has given.

DeAndrea’s unstoppable determination landed her in the career of her dreams and helped her break cycles, going where no one in her family has done before. With God at the center stage of her life, her guiding light has always shone the way to each endeavor, from teaching to helping people and now singing.

Always looking to use her God-given talents to help those around her as best as she can, DeAndrea looks forward to revealing her next work of art while she continues to work passionately as an elementary school teacher. Keep an eye out for her upcoming single, “Favor of God,” and stay updated on her journey of sharing her heartfelt works with those that need it most.

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