How Turk N16 Has Come A Long Way In His Musical Journey

Every talent scout in every record label’s artist and repertoire division dreams of nabbing a star that’s the perfect mix of raw talent, audience appeal, and malleability. It’s always better to work with people who are easy to work with on multiple counts, with talent and willingness to listen to the advice being the two most cherished ones.

Then again, for every future star an A&R person finds and signs for a 360 deal, a new independent star breaks out by passing through a whole other gauntlet and doing things their own way. Turk N16, a London-based rapper, is exactly that kind of a star.

Turk N16’s career wasn’t filled with people who saw pound signs every time they looked at it. This rapper is no one’s investment but his own—a product of the streets he grew up in and the people who mentored him in life skills, music, and artistry.

That level of authenticity is readily felt in Turk N16’s lyrics. When he brags, Turk N16 brags because he’s come a long way. When his verses talk about the things that go on around him, he infuses them with palpable emotion because he’s rapping about the people in his life who make up his community.

Turk N16 had to fight his own fights and deal with his own struggles to get where he is. He built up a reputation by mercilessly doing the rounds wherever he found a mic they would let him use. He went in front of audiences with his heart on his sleeve, telling his truth and trusting that people would recognize it and flock to him.

Today, Turk N16’s rap career shows all the signs of a story that’s about to blow up in scope far beyond what he imagined was possible. He’s being courted by collaborators, industry names, and people who want to hitch a ride to the top with him. This London boy knows how to keep it real, however. With both of his feet firmly on the ground, Turk N16 can watch his career unfold as his plans come to fruition.

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