TripleOne Takes the Lead in Transforming How the World Will Work in the Future

The world has steadily been moving online with the advent of the internet. Companies, businesses, and services have structured their organizations to meet the needs of their ever-evolving consumers. The second phase of this movement is to make the functioning of these ventures more decentralized. Sometimes, micro- or macro-managing can kill ideas and productivity. TripleOne (111) is one such company that has modeled its work on the principle of decentralization. It has sensed this wave of change where people want to work according to their schedule, in a manner they see fit as long as the expected results are delivered.

James William Awad a.k.a. Senior is the founder of TripleOne. From the age of 12, James William was a child prodigy who developed his own video games. He started as a freelancer at the age of 14 and founded a few successful companies along the way. With the initiation of TripleOne, he wanted to transform the way the world would work in the future. Taking inspiration from how blockchains and cryptocurrencies worked, Senior used the same structure for his company. There are no investors, debt, equity or, management to whom the users are answerable during any part of the project. The users can sign in to the platform, collaborate with other people, and work on a project independently. There is no pay structure, and the salary is dependent on your level and magnitude of involvement in the project.

The decentralized way of working will shape companies in the future. TripleOne is at the forefront of this movement and will keep attracting new users to its platform. Companies and people alike have adapted to a decentralized location during the course of the pandemic. This norm has found acceptance among individuals without resistance to change. You will soon see many companies old and new adapting to this style of working.

James William Awad strongly believes that decentralization is the way of the future, and TripleOne is at the forefront of this movement. Adapting to such changes is the way forward and lack of which will affect a company immensely in times to come.

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