In A Changing World, Petroteq Energy Inc. Continues Doing What It Does Best

Canadian-incorporated holding company Petroteq Energy Inc. specializes in the production of oil while offering ancillary products and services in sand remediation and mining. The company’s executive offices are situated in Los Angeles, California, and its processing and extraction plant is located in Vernal, Utah. Petroteq aspires to be known for producing green oil, which is why it aims to develop innovative technologies.

Over the years, Petroteq has aligned its foundations to its core values, namely innovation, quality, responsibility, and collaboration. Innovation is defined as the practical execution of ideas resulting in the development of new services and products, which is the company’s focus. Petroteq utilizes technology resulting from years of intensive research and has worked wonders for over a decade.

Quality is a delicate subject in all businesses in any industry, and Petroteq strongly pushes for this in their products. Services and products should not only be satisfiable but must also create a positive difference in a consumer’s overall experience. For Petroteq, quality means everything, and their production and engineering team ensures they only produce products of the highest quality available.

Petroteq knows and understands its responsibilities to its shareholders, customers, employees, community, and most importantly, the environment. The company is committed to achieving success by constantly coming up with strategic initiatives to meet its goals. Petroteq aligns its economic endeavors with its social, environmental, and ethical responsibilities through its innovative efforts.

The company believes in the power of teamwork and collaborative efforts, so they work with established strategic partners to enhance their organization. They have assembled an in-house team in addition to their external partnerships to improve the company’s technologies and production capabilities. Since Petroteq’s inception in 2010, they have continually developed their technologies from mere theories into actual products.

Clean oil recovery technology is Petroteq’s proprietary technology that seeks to remediate the company’s clean and safe energy production. This technology is very versatile because it can be used in both water-wet deposits and oil-wet deposits. Clean oil recovery technology, or CORT, has remarkable advantages for the environment compared to conventional production methods, which are mostly harmful and unsafe.

In addition, clean oil recovery technology is a closed-loop system, allowing over 95% of used solvents in the extraction process to be recovered. Currently, CORT is being used to produce and process oil sands, although Petroteq is exploring ways to use it for other natural resources. Since this technology is versatile, it’s not hard to imagine it being used more frequently across all companies in the industry.

Educating their consumers about their company operations and other helpful information on the conservation of the environment is also Petroteq’s goal. Through their website and its social media pages, like their Twitter account, they share information about their processes and how they help to preserve nature. Petroteq is changing how oil is being produced, and most people hope other companies will do the same.

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