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Interview With Filmmaker Mike Braxton

Please tell us what inspired you to enter into the world of films?

I always was a visual person, and I felt like the vision I had would entertain people simultaneously. My interest in filmmaking began when I started working on my DVD series called ” Welcome to that block.” The production was raw and gritty for the viewers at the time.

Filmmaking is a laborious job, so what keeps you motivated?

I would say the thrive and the reactions of the people who are about to view what I created.

How much patience is required in this field?

You have to have lots of patience. Not everything goes right at various times.

How do you choose your star cast?

I tend to choose the cast based on the productions we’re are working on. Everyone is not cast for every role.

Do you think taking an audition is the best way to cast for a movie or documentary?

Yes, I do. In my eyes, yes.

What advice would you like to give to aspiring filmmakers?

Never be afraid to fail don’t stop. Keep working hard at it. Become the best filmmaker you can be. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. Just do it.

How important role editing plays while making a film?

Editing can make or break a movie. So editing is essential. That is part of the filmmaking process. Editing is 80% of the film. Well, at least to me, it is.

Being a filmmaker needs a lot of expertise and patience because one has to handle everything all around, so what keeps you motivated?

For me, it’s the desire for everyone to see you’re working. So that’s, the driving force with it comes to me.

Who are your filmmaking influencers?

Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Jordan Haworth Peele, James Wan, and Tyler Pery.

Ways to follow Mike Braxton

Instagram: @getmoneyfilmzllc
Instagram: @getmoneyfilmz215
Instagram: @streetsoundsvideoshow
Instagram: @unfinished_business_webseries

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