Whether or not EDM (electronic dance music) is your thing, as New Year’s Eve rolls around each year, chance are you’ll be eating your Wheaties and buckling-up your big-boy (or big-girl) pants and getting ready for a huge night out at the DJ and producer Markus Schulz’s show at Avalon Hollywood. In an international city jam-packed with entertainment options, this DJ/producer’s events at Avalon – near the corner of Hollywood and Vine – are seriously nothing sort of epic. What Schulz himself coins as his “open-to-close” DJ sets – meaning, that he plays from the moment the doors open, up through the peak hours of the night, through a dark and twisted “after-hours” set and onward well past the time the sun rises the following day – have become a hallmark of legacy. 

To give you a small inkling of what is required for an artist – and the artist must be at the peak of his or her profession – to play an open-to-close set, imagine doing the most mentally challenging task you’ve ever done. Now, imagine doing it to entertain an entire expectant audience of over 1,500 people, easily (over the course of the entire event) whose eyes, ears and hearts are focused on you with laser precision. Now, add to all that the fact that you’re performing this insanely challenging mental task while entertaining a highly expectant room of paying music-lovers…while sprinting as fast as you can physically run. Keep up that pace while maintaining a loving, ecstatic, immensely positive vibe and unbelievably sexy posture and don’t let up from 9pm until 9, 10 or even 11am the next morning! No bathroom breaks. No meal breaks. No sitting, not even to catch your breath. The difficulty is like carrying dumb-bells and running as fast as you can across the bottom of a swimming pool while holding your breath.

Word has it that Markus Schulz doesn’t drink a single drop of alcohol during his epic New Year’s Eve performances, but he does hydrate. Any fluids he drinks are excreted through pure, hard-earned sweat. The energy of these shows is indescribable! People come away completely converted if they were not his fans before, and his long-time die-hard fans come away utterly spent and emotionally sated. We know more than one notable celebrity who’s ditched their own mansion party to come over to Markus Schulz’s Avalon Hollywood show in time for the “after-hours” portion of the night when Schulz is known to go “down the rabbit hole,” musically. The man must be super-human, because this is the ninth year in-a-row that he’s played open-to-close at Avalon Hollywood for New Year’s Eve and the word is definitely out that it’s a must-attend! 

It’s no wonder this dude has been voted by the public as “America’s Best DJ” a record three-times (according to DJ Times magazine, now rebranded as DJ Life magazine). One of Schulz’s production aliases is called Dakota, which is known for a more dark, sinister sound than his trance and progressive music as Markus Schulz. Coldharbour Recordings is his record label.

Markus Schulz also founded a bookings and artist management agency, SMG Bookings, which was just re-launched as TotalVision Talent (TVT), a new and expanded bookings, management and concepts agency for the most talented aspiring and established EDM artists, producers, vocalists and content creators. The man must not be a fan of sleep! We’re not exactly sure how Markus Schulz manages to do all he does, although we do know that he surrounds himself with a trusted core of the music industry’s top professionals, veterans who comprise his team and inner-circle. The Avalon Hollywood New Year’s Eve show absolutely, positively will be sold-out (it’s practically there already), but if you want to seize life by the horns and experience one of the most fun nights of your life filled with music, state-of-the-art sound and lighting, surrounded by friends and future-friends alike, well….you know what to do.





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