Dundun Displays Overcomer Qualities

The demands of high performance sport puts tremendous pressure on athletes to win competitions. Being a competitive athlete can be a stressful job that can come with many challenges but how we handle these challenges and persevere through them, shows the strength we hold within. When you fall down a hundred times, just get back one more time. 

As Albert Einstein once said: “I have tried 99 times and have failed, but on the 100th time came success.”

Never give up! Fight the good fight! This is the only way athletes can achieve their goals by trying over and over again. All of these quotes may be cliche but they are vital to follow to stay motivated and to keep going. 

Dundun’s Hamstring Injury Right Before Big 10 Championships

Dundun displayed such overcomer qualities right before the Big 10 Championships track meet in 2019. This was a nerve-wracking time for Ryan as he was dealing with a nagging hamstring injury. However, just like Albert Einstein, he was determined to succeed and beat the hamstring injury and be ready for the Big 10 Championships. A hamstring injury is no fun and games, and can be time-consuming in recovery if not dealt with correctly. 

He chose to not let this injury knock him down and sway him from his goals. He chose to fight and not give up. He worked closely with his coach and physical therapist and developed a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. This included daily strengthening exercises and stretching, as well as regular ice and heat therapy to reduce the swelling and promote healing. 

Ryan also had to ensure he got plenty of rest and avoided any strenuous activities that would put pressure on the area and worsen the injury. Ryan was not only able to make a full recovery and compete at the championships with confidence, but also with the Big 10 Championships in the DMR. 

Outdoor Results

Big Ten Championship 5/10: 9th in preliminary round in 400m hurdles with a time of 52.19

And won with a time of 53.31 in 400m hurdles. He was a member of the winning relay team in 400m with a time coming in 41.12.

Indoor Results

Big Ten Championship 2/22-23 : Won distance medley relay as a member with a time of 9:44.62.

These results after Dundun sustained a hamstring injury and was still in the recovery process, displays a huge level of determination and perseverance that any sportsman requires. Ryan certainly displays qualities of a great sportsman who will make it far in the years to come as we watch his progress. 

Dundun’s Dedication in Keeping Fit & Prepared For Sporting Events

Dundun spends a lot of time preparing and training for sporting events. He ensures he optimizes his sleep, environment and training through consistent training and a healthy diet. Through a conducive sleeping environment, he is able to ensure his body is well-rested and ready for each training session. Through a healthy diet and regular exercise, he is able to maintain his fitness levels, and improve his performance. He also ensures he feeds his body with the right nutrients to support his training and recovery. 

In the off season for Track, Ryan cross-trains with soccer to maintain fitness and improve overall athleticism. Track is an extremely demanding sport that requires a combination of speed, endurance, and power. 

Ryan says: “As a soccer player, I found that the skills I developed on the field – such as quickness, coordination, and agility – were transferable to the track and helped me excel in Track and especially the 400m hurdles race. Similarly, the endurance and agility I developed as a track athlete were beneficial for my soccer performance. By cross-training in both sports, I was able to improve my overall athleticism and become a well-rounded athlete. Overall, the skills I developed in soccer and track complemented each other and helped me excel in both sports.”

Final Thoughts

Small steps in the right direction will help you continue to achieve your goals. Whenever you feel like you are not motivated, you are not good enough and your goals are not achievable, keep going forward, and keep believing in yourself. As Dory would say: “Just keep swimming.” If you want that goal bad enough, your determination and perseverance will help you to reach it, as Ryan’s did.

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