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Introducing the Rebel with a Cause Jalisa Denice Debuting her new hit single “According”

Jalisa Denice formerly known as Jakodie is a singer/song writer based in west London, Ladbroke Grove. Known for producing a collective sound, heavily influenced by film soundtracks, scouring and soul/rnb music, With all the catchy goodness of pop culture.

The artist has a unique sound and style to match, Her sound has been described as The Weekend meets Kaytranada. To date Jalisa Denice’s most popular track “What would you do” from her first album “The Jukebox”, truly displayed the uniqueness of the artist’s perspective and sound. Rebellious in nature she is determined to stray from the normal narrative, describing her previous work as a shake up of old perspectives and ushering in a new narrative that is often overlooked,  and is fast becoming more elaborate and refined as she goes, honing in on her defining unique flair, creating music that embodies the spark of Hollywood, the grit of reality and the magic of her imagination.

First arriving on the music scene, debuting her E.P in 2019: “No Start over.” Jalisa Denice, has since then gone on to collaborate with artists such as Lone Ranger, Rhumzy, C.Rhymes and Tommy Evans, the latter on “Love Song” receiving coverage from Link Up TV and acclaim from Arlo Parks’ camp. Jalisa Denice’s eclectic style sits at the intersection of RNB, Hip Hop and Alternative Music. Revisiting the music of her childhood, her first album “The Jukebox” released, 2022.  Featuring a cameo from regular collaborator Tommy Evans, revisited a 90s sonic sensibility, that’s playfulness never veered into pastiche.

2023, is set to be an exciting and defining year for the artist, The launch of the project kicked off with a stream of promo videos that included a surprise cross over of a StarWars scene, launching the first single of the year “According” A catchy summer track, which the artist has described a warm up of what’s come, basing the album on self discovery and incorporating her love of film  “Exhibit J” will be a surprised filled collective piece that will keep people guessing whats coming next, full of thought and feeling provoking music, the project is promised to be filled with substance and character portrayed through a combination of out of the box sounds and visuals. “Exhibit J” will be nothing short of a rollercoaster ride of of music that will dive into who Jalisa Denice is an artist and individual, as we join her on a journey of self discovery delving into the many layers that make up Jalisa Denice, “According” is only the tip of the iceberg of personality and imagination, as the artist affirms her identity as an out of the box creator who is one to watch, as she starts shaking things up as the dark horse.

Keep up to date with releases for the album “Exhibit J” as it commences on socials:

Instagram – @jalisa_denice

Twitter – @Jalisadenice

TikTok – @jalisadenice

To see the video for the first single release “According” from the upcoming album you can visit –

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