Juandisemo: A Colombian Born Rapper Who Found Success With His Own Style In The Florida Hip-Hop Scene

Juan Rayo Orozco went through possibly the biggest and most difficult change in his life when he was only nine years old. Along with his mother and sisters, Orozco immigrated from his hometown of Cali, Colombia, to the United States, more specifically, Southern Florida. Growing up in the states, Orozco quickly realized the unique ability he would have to pursue his dreams. As he got older, he fell in love with hip hop, resonating with the style and sounds of rappers like Kid Ink and Wiz Khalifa. Motivated by the desire to provide for his family, who had helped him get so far in life, Orozco donned the stage name of Juandisemo in 2015, and he hasn’t looked back.

Working independently, Juandisemo spent a few years grinding his way through the underground Florida rap scene. In 2018, Juandisemo wished to remain independent, and eventually partnered with a management team who would help him improve his own image and musical style. Since this partnership, Juandisemo has been on a continual climb in the hip-hop industry. Releasing a handful of singles over the last two years, the skyrocketing Florida artist has amassed over half a million streams on Spotify and landed an opening slot on tour with Michigan rapper DDG.

The journey hasn’t been easy to this point, and Juandisemo has faced his fair share of personal struggles, but his mind has remained clear with motivation fueling his hard work. “Everything I do is for [my family], and I’m driven by the goal to give them the best life possible through my music.” Juandisemo’s desire to strive for greatness and success has been most apparent in the studio as of late. Not only does the Florida rapper have one album nearly finished and ready for release this year, but he is also hard at work on completing a second project which he says will drop in early 2022.

Follow Juandisemo on Instagram (@iamjuandisemo) and catch up on his music via his Spotify.

John Lyberg
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