Kitsie Duncan’s Journey from Paranormal Investigator to Beauty and Spirituality Guru

Kitsie Duncan, the woman behind That Witch Beauty, has lived a full, varied life that has led her down many different paths professionally. After raising their three children, Kitsie and her husband entered the world of photography and created Celebrity Photo Ops, which she says “streamlined the convention photo op scene into what it is today.” This gave her the opportunity to “travel the world taking photos of fans with their favorite celebrities.”

It was during this time that Kitsie discovered paranormal research. Her interest initially began after the sudden death of her stepfather. It started with a feeling of his presence. “I would just feel something was with me but not physically. I felt it was my dad,” she says. “So I wanted to know more about the paranormal. I wanted to know there was more than just him lying in a box in a cemetery.” The quest to learn more about the world of the paranormal took Kitsie on a path that changed her life.

She states that “on this journey, I learned that I could read energy, sometimes see spirits, and sometimes even communicate with them telepathically.” This led Kitsie to begin working on the Oddity Files, an Amazon Prime show and podcast that she was a central part of. COVID put an end to the Oddity Files, but did give Kitsie a chance to write and publish her book, I’d Rather Talk to Dead People, which gives insight into her work in paranormal investigation.

During the pandemic, Kitsie also began learning more about witchcraft, which came naturally after her work in the paranormal realm. Kitsie thinks of herself as a “spiritual witch,” but defines a witch as “someone who is curious about more than this world has to offer.” While witchcraft can include many different elements, Kitsie focused on “the Law of Attraction, manifesting, the power of intention, the energy of the moon and crystals, spirit guides and the like.” As she dove deeper into this spiritual journey, Kitisie says she discovered “a whole new world I couldn’t wait to learn more about.”

It was this that led Kitsie to create her beauty line, That Witch Beauty. While working as a producer on a paranormal television show, she spontaneously decided to begin making and marketing her own beauty products. According to Kitsie, this was a direct result of her spiritual journey. She states that “while on my current journey of self healing and learning to know and love myself again, I decided why can’t there be a product I buy that makes me feel better about how I look AND something that makes me feel better about how I feel.”

This gap that Kitsie saw in the beauty market motivated her to create products that are natural, organic, and ethically sourced. She began successfully selling her products on Etsy. Now, she has her own online shop and is available in several retailers internationally. Through it all, her mission has remained simple: “I want each customer to find a little extra self love in each bottle.”

If you want to try some of Kitsie’s favorite products, she has several recommendations. Her Checked Baggage eye serum helps combat puffiness and dry skin while also making eyes look more awake. Love Potion No. 9 is a fragrance that includes notes of cherry blossom and sweet tobacco, while also infusing the wearer with an increased sense of self love. Kitsie also suggests the OURS skin care collection, which includes a cleanser, serum, and face oil. The collection is meant to boost collagen and self-empowerment.

Kitsie can be found on social media @thatwitchbeauty and @kitsieduncan. Her products are available for purchase at

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