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MARO shines on new album “Rejects”

Polish multi-media artist, producer, DJ, sound engineer, and award-winning mix/ mastering engineer, Maro, has released his latest original album called REJECTS. REJECTS is a powerful, poignant electronic album that remains idiosyncratic throughout with character-rich sonics and stellar features from legends like Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and more. Showcasing Maro’s unique production style enriched through years of experience, the project provides a versatile series of adrenaline-fuelled offerings that can simultaneously rattle trunks and provoke thought.

Across the album’s immense 28-track runtime, it refuses to be put in a box at any point, as Maro’s uncompromising creativity and sonic versatility shine through on each track. There is also sheer sonic power on display at multiple points throughout the album, first made evident with the infectious banger “WHAT YOU WANT” featuring P Money. This song packs a heavy punch and makes an immediate impression on listeners, as Maro provides a cathartic, rich instrumental for P Money to weave his charismatic, flexible rhymes overtop. “NEVER GIVE UP” makes for an album highlight and blends influences from a variety of genres, all the while finding Maro at a peak of technical ability.

“KEVLAR MONK” featuring legendary emcee Killah Priest further showcases his versatility with a drumless, ambient-influenced track that provides a vivid soundscape for Priest’s ethereal verses. “WAY UP HERE” provides an expansive, atmospheric listening experience with dream-like production that feels densely layered, as Mickey Shiloh delivers colorful vocals atop that demonstrate a wide vocal range. “GUMDROPS” featuring legendary rapper Kool Keith contains raw, space-age synths and snapping percussion that make it feel as if the track is floating. Another album highlight appears in “THROWBACK BOOGIE”, which contains a hard-hitting, grooving instrumental that Ghost and Rae tackle with ease, delivering potent, electrifying verses that command the listener’s full attention. The latter part of the album finishes on a high note with evocative tracks like “10, 9, 8, 7” and “WAR REJECTS EDIT”, before “TIME” with Ky and Deadly Hunta provides a culmination of the project’s sound. An emotionally-tinged, poignant track that finds Maro at the top of his production game, “TIME” is both heartfelt and imposing, making for a superb closer to the record.

REJECTS is the latest offering from Polish musician Maro, a multi-talented artist who really brings the full package with this new project. A diverse, powerful set of 28 tracks that provide a wide array of sounds and styles that keep the listener on their toes throughout, REJECTS makes for a gripping listen that does not let go until the end of its tracklist.

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