LeRoy Mobley is Separating Himself From The Pack With New Single “Quality Time”

Finding himself in various different cities growing up, LeRoy Mobley is a versatile artist who brings a pop/R&B vibe and is looking to earn himself a spot atop today’s music industry. Through trials and tribulations, LeRoy has experienced a plethora of different emotions in which he lets shine through in his music. He has limitless potential and if he continues down this path there is no doubt that he will one day be a star. He recently released his latest single titled “Quality Time” and it is a hit.

Quality Time” begins with a guitar-based instrumental followed by LeRoy Mobley’s harmonious vocals. As he sings about spending quality time, he emphasizes how important it is to do so within a relationship. Often times in today’s society people are becoming detached from that with the emergence of social media, but the soul needs quality time to grow fonder. That’s what true love is about, and LeRoy breaks it down perfectly through the duration of his song.

Quality Time” brings a wholesome vibe and will have you thinking about that special someone. LeRoy hit it on the head with this one and shows his ability to portray a message with his lyricism. Be sure to keep LeRoy Mobley on your radar as he is only moments away from being a household star.

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Kyle Dendrick
Kyle Dendrick
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