Lifelong Music Producer Elevated is Making His Mark on the Industry

Many people grow up dreaming to be musicians, drummers, singers, and artists who will make incredible music. However, as time passes by, the realities of the world catch up and many people give up on their dreams and settle for safer options instead. The music industry is a very challenging arena and not many people can survive. Music producer Elevated is among those who have the ultimate love and passion for making tracks, beats, and all kinds of melodies and has slowly risen to the top of the game.

Being able to be successful in this industry is not easy. People that usually follow trends may gain success and fame momentarily; however, the industry can also be quite harsh, and quick to forget those who do not bring originality to the table. Elevated has done exactly that. Track after track, he has produced original pieces that have placed him securely in the industry as a great artist.

Elevated started to produce music when he was only 12 years of age. Many people did not even fully understand computers in those years, but Elevated was using FL Studio to make music. At the time, he only had access to the demos and so he would just export them. Elevated would also listen to songs and keep rewinding them to create a proper remix. These are not usually activities for a young child; he did indeed have a bursting passion for producing music.

During his college years, he started to upload beats on YouTube. His original name is Jonathan Olorunfemi; he came up with the name Elevated inspired by the music pages he would listen to such as (Hyyer Education, Majestic Casual, 88rising). At the time, he also didn’t want people to know his real name. As the work started to gain momentum, and his YouTube kicked off, Elevated met artists and began working with them. With the socializing and the network he was developing, everyone started to call him Elevated.

As of today, Elevated has worked on numerous projects with artists like Central Cee, Fredo, Giggs, Jorja Smith, Jay1, Yxng Bane, Ynw Melly, and others. He has other collaborations with other artists that are in the works as well. Elevated has also worked with director Simon Fredrick to compose the music for his documentary “Outsiders”. According to Elevated, this project pushed him out of his comfort zone and allowed him to explore avenues of music creation. Elevated loved the experience.

Elevated wants to advise everyone that they should always be original and authentic with their work. He says that following trends may be easy but you won’t get far in the industry. He also wants people to know that taking risks and experimenting is important, otherwise, there will be no growth. Elevated experimented with the music for the documentary project and found new and exciting ways of expression that were beyond expectation.

The plans for the coming year seem pretty packed for Elevated. He is planning to work with international artists and produce more music. Elevated has many projects ready to impress everyone coming in 2022.

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