Making Sense of Big Data: The Journey Of A Leading Analytics Expert

The world today revolves around big data; without a thorough understanding of how it works your corporate growth may be stunted. Sadly though not everyone can wrap their heads around this vast field without proper training or experience. Enter Dean Abbott – founder of Abbott Analytics – whose innovative approach is making machine learning concepts more accessible than ever before.

Dean began his journey back in 1986 when he saw potential in an emerging industry that others didn’t see yet – eventually founding startup SmarterHQ along with numerous other achievements throughout his career documented extensively within “Journeys to Data Mining: Experiences from 15 Renowned Researchers” (Springer Verlag, 2012). Today he leads Abbott Analytics – an elite team that is dedicated to bridging the gap between data scientists and business stakeholders. Thanks to his unique perspective and vast experience working with machine learning and big data analytics Dean has become one of the most respected experts in the field.

His passion is evident through his dedication to making complex concepts more understandable for everyday professionals. This analytics company distinguishes itself from its competitors through its unique blend of practical machine learning solutions expertise and comprehensive knowledge about business needs that aid in developing customized strategies that optimize both ROI and efficiency for clients. With a belief in advanced analytics’ potential to tackle real-world business problems serving as motivation, Dean returned to consulting after his tenure at SmarterHQ.

He aims to increase industry visibility in the short term while extending his services to Fortune 500 companies over time. The foundation of Dean’s successful analytics application involves three vital principles: building a well-balanced team consisting of business stakeholders along with data scientists and infrastructure personnel; using success metrics tailored for each client when evaluating machine learning models’ performance; fostering open communication between team members responsible for data science projects and those managing businesses’ operations.

The University of Virginia Darden School of Business recently acknowledged Dean’s significant contributions by appointing him as Bodily Bicentennial Professor in Analytics.

Dean Abbott has cemented himself within the industry elite thanks to both acclaim from peers of late alongside widespread recognition of him being one of the most influential applied machine learning experts around. This is largely due to his work at Abbott Analytics but he’s also a highly regarded author and speaker with several publications such as “Applied Predictive Analytics” (Wiley, 2014) and “The IBM SPSS Modeler Cookbook” (Packt Publishing, 2013) under his belt.

His astuteness in these fields have seen him present at international events and lead various bootcamp style workshops and courses. To find out more about Dean Abbotts cutting edge work or innovative approach to data science visit Abbott Analytics at or follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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