June off 35th Is Ready To Drop “J35 Vol. 1” On June 1st

Fans of June off 35th are eagerly counting down the days as the talented rapper prepares to release his highly anticipated project, “J35 Vol. 1,” on June 1st. With a background rooted in the streets of Chicago and the neighborhoods of Milwaukee, June off 35th has crafted a unique sound that captures the essence of his upbringing and showcases his undeniable talent.

From a tender age, June off 35th discovered his love for rap, even before he could articulate words with ease. His early forays into the world of hip-hop included memorable performances at his 5th-grade graduation, engaging in freestyle battles at bus stops and lunchrooms, and eventually transitioning to open mics and tournaments. With each stage, he honed his skills, continuously evolving as an artist.

After releasing two singles and a collab album in “JUNE & JIGG OFF 35TH” earlier this month, June off 35th is already set to release his second longer project in “J35 Vol. 1.” The album plans to serve as a testament to June off 35th’s dedication and growth as an artist. It’ll showcase his versatility and ability to effortlessly navigate a wide range of styles and beats. With each track carefully selected and crafted, “J35 Vol. 1” is ready to be a captivating musical journey and a glimpse into his world.

In the meantime, you can listen to his other releases below:

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