Meet Actress and Performing Artist Leez

Leez, born Ibukunoluwa Elizabeth Rolat-Abiola, the actress and performing artist, is a theatre arts student at the University of Lagos. She is from Ogun state.

She has been featured as an actress in movies and TV projects such as Borokini (A Telenovela), Dieko, Agbekoya, Ajala Travels, Hotel Security, Did we have sex?, Before Dawn, In my shoe, The Documentary of Tiwa, Class of Kabuki sitcom, Compel, Kiti Kiti, Iru, Man Pickin Series, Misstep, Compel, The Healer Series, Shadow Figure, Scama O Rama and several others.

She has served as a welfare consultant for the Trophy game show and The Goldberg Talent hunt. She also was featured on ‘Never Together’ track on the JAYMORE album by Koffi Tha Guru and also as a voice talent on his ‘Muludun Medley’ albums.

Leez has also recorded a couple of movie soundtracks featured by Emeka Indo.


Social Medias

Instagram – @sheisleez
Facebook – @apotieriabiola
Tiktok – @sheisleez

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