Miriah Stacy: Pioneering a Path for Women’s Empowerment with GIRLSONTHASCENE

Los Angeles, CA – Miriah Stacy, the visionary founder of GIRLSONTHASCENE, is reshaping the narrative around women’s empowerment. Her personal journey, marked by resilience and transformation, has culminated in the creation of a movement that champions the voices and aspirations of women globally.

A Legacy Inspired by Strength and Compassion

Miriah Stacy’s path to entrepreneurship was kindled by a profound personal loss and a deep-seated desire to foster empowering connections among women. Following the passing of her mother, her unwavering supporter, Miriah reflected on her experiences of bullying and the transformative impact of her educators at Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School. This introspection laid the foundation for GIRLSONTHASCENE: a platform dedicated to offering women safe, nurturing spaces for self-expression and growth.

A Journey of Entrepreneurial Milestones

Miriah’s entrepreneurial odyssey began in earnest in 2020 with the establishment of her LLC for an independent production company. This venture has since birthed an array of creative projects, including series, music videos, short films, and the much-anticipated #ROWITI reality show. The pinnacle of her achievements to date is the upcoming GIRLSONTHASCENE: Women Empowerment Tour, a testament to her commitment to amplifying women’s voices and talents.

Overcoming Challenges with Unyielding Determination

The entrepreneurial road is seldom smooth, and Miriah’s experiences have been no exception. Her greatest challenge has been the solitary nature of her dedication – often feeling like the lone warrior in her business. Yet, it is this very challenge that has fortified her resolve, driving her to pursue her dreams with unrelenting faith and conviction.

Celebrating a Key Milestone: The California Pitstop

A significant highlight in Miriah’s journey is the upcoming California pitstop of the GIRLSONTHASCENE: Women Empowerment Tour. This event, scheduled for January 30, 2024, in Pasadena, CA, symbolizes a global convergence of empowerment, featuring the renowned Italian designer Giorgia Cicatello. This milestone not only showcases international talent but also reinforces the tour’s mission of global women’s empowerment. Tickets for this landmark event are available on GIRLSONTHASCENE.

Empowerment Philosophy Rooted in Resilience

Miriah’s entrepreneurial philosophy is a reflection of the life lessons imparted by her mother, who faced her physical handicap with remarkable stoicism. This ethos of transcending perceived limitations and societal perceptions is a cornerstone of Miriah’s approach to business and life.

Targeting a Diverse Audience with a Singular Mission

The GIRLSONTHASCENE: Women Empowerment Tour aims to engage a broad audience united by a shared commitment to supporting and respecting women across various spheres of life. By highlighting the unique challenges faced by women in diverse industries, the tour seeks to make impactful and positive changes.

Looking Ahead: Goals and Aspirations

As an entrepreneur and a role model, Miriah’s primary goal remains to make a significant, positive impact daily through her initiatives. She is a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating that with dedication and a true sense of purpose, every hurdle can be transformed into a stepping stone toward success.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Miriah encourages budding entrepreneurs to embrace rejection and defeat as catalysts for personal and professional growth. She advocates for resilience and a relentless pursuit of one’s greatest potential.

Evolving Leadership and Work-Life Balance

Miriah’s leadership style has matured from a focus on universal satisfaction to a more direct, assertive approach, prioritizing respect and self-advocacy. Balancing her entrepreneurial responsibilities with being a single mother, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and addressing personal responsibilities to achieve professional focus and calm.

Fostering Connections within the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Networking and building professional relationships are central to Miriah’s strategy for success. Her belief in the value of a robust network is manifested in her initiative to organize a “Network=Net Worth Luncheon & Panel” on January 29th in Oxnard, CA, as part of the broader empowerment tour.

Final Thoughts: Authenticity and Commitment

Miriah’s journey underscores the importance of authenticity and unwavering commitment in entrepreneurship. By staying true to oneself and consistently delivering, she exemplifies the essence of a reliable, impactful leader.

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