Model Tiana Musarra Releases Her first EP “Odyssey”

From on the runway to the recording booth, Tiana Mussarra is succeeding in multiple industries and creating an unstoppable brand. Tiana, who started out as a notable YouTuber, is working hard to diversify her professional experience. She is a highly talented, young artist making her mark in the industry as someone to watch out for. Tiana has proven her merit in both the modeling and music industries, participating in New York Fashion Week and also releasing an outstanding album. She has also gathered a solid fan base, with one of her releases amassing close to a million streams.

Her journey into becoming a musician started out with her writing poetry. She used this outlet to express herself and told a friend about her newfound talent. The friend, who had a passion for the music industry, encouraged her to transform the poetry into song lyrics. With this encouragement at her back, Tiana moved forward with songwriting and hit her stride.

Her first EP Odyssey was released as a collaborative project with singer Kish, who is based in the Netherlands. The tracks on Odyssey have an R&B, hip-hop kind of vibe, and the professionalism that the album exudes proves that this genre is Tiana’s forte. She spent countless hours writing her truth and wanted the lyrics to be performed by someone whose voice encapsulated the emotion Tiana was going for. She linked up with Kish, and the rest is history.

The success of this album has only inspired Tiana to create even more music. She and artist Jahkoy are currently creating an EP with 6-7 songs, all with similar R&B vibes to her previous work. The project began unconventionally. They began working together via Zoom and Facetime since Tiana is based in Miami and Jahkoy in Canada. They only recently met a few months ago after creating music together for two years.

Although they’d never met in person until recently, these virtual collaboration sessions were still productive and inspired some of their best work.

“When we create, we always get more and more ideas,” shares Tiana. “Just one story happening in our lives or even our friends’ lives can spark an idea. The music always tends to come out really emotional and deeply connecting.”

Her advice to young people is to be bold enough to chase their dreams. We live in a highly competitive world where only the strong-willed get to survive, so you need to be confident in anything you want and just do you. Everyone will always have an opinion about you, but it’s upon you to make the decisions in your life. More significantly, Tiana wants you to know that hard work will always beat talent, and if you keep being consistent and wake up to chase your dream, then it’s going to happen.

Tiana’s dream is to continue inspiring more people to be confident to express what they believe in and be themselves. She is also looking to grow her brand and help others realize their dreams.

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