Musician Jack Kellogg Urges Fans to Follow Their Passions

If you are constantly feeling tired of the work you do, or there is a perpetual feeling of unfulfillment in your career then it is probably because you have not allowed yourself to follow your passion. According to musician Jack Kellog, chasing money instead of passion is absolutely disastrous. 

Money is no doubt a powerful thing and has the potential to build and break empires and for many, it makes dreams come true. Jack believes money is necessary but should not be the driving force behind the work you do. He schools youngsters to follow their passions just like he did and watch how success and money come naturally. 

You enjoy your work

As a musician and belonging to the world of creatives, Jack cannot fathom the concept of working on something that you do not enjoy. He believes that is the most unjust and inhumane thing you could do to the creative soul within you. But if you follow your passion, you enjoy your work and care about it. The monetary awards may be tiny, but the internal rewards are unmatchable. 

It boosts your creativity

If you are truly passionate about your work, it gives constant energy that boosts your creativity. Jack chose to be a musician because he loved how it enabled creativity to flow through him. It made him lighter, happier and helped him express himself better. If you work on your passion, you are more inclined to come up with interesting ideas and enjoy the work.

It is far more fulfilling 

According to the top music artist Jack, there is nothing better than achieving the goals you set for yourself while following your passion. These little, step-by-step achievements to reach your ultimate goal of grasping your dream are worth the pain and hustle. These moments of accomplishment are more enjoyable knowing that you are doing what you love and following your passion. 

You are unstoppable 

When you are following your passion and loving each moment of it, there is nothing that can come in between you and your work. All the obstacles and hurdles you may face in the process are not enough to get in the way of you achieving your goals. That is the power of pursuing a passion. It generates magical energy within you that is unbreakable and unstoppable. Jack met with countless failures and hurdles during his path but he learned from them and kept pursuing his dream.

It is necessary to make money in the world that we live in today. That does not mean that you choose to make money over your passion. Eventually, you will work better and succeed at a job you truly care about. Musician Jack Kellogg spreads the same message to fans and urges them to follow their passions. 

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