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Why Alpha Males Looking For an Enhanced Drinking Experience Are Championing Premium Craft Vodka EasyRhino

Who hasn´t had one too many drinks and found their male attributes massively impaired by alcohol consumption after a wild night out?

While no self-respecting man wishes to disappoint their lady when the time to perform in the bedroom comes, alpha males simply will not leave anything to chance. So how can one enjoy a few drinks while also remaining confident in the fact that the night will finish with fireworks instead of going down in flames?

Unbeknownst to many alcoholic beverage consumers, one craft spirits company has found the solution to this conundrum.

Robert J. Tushinsky, the founder and creative mind behind EasyRhino – a premium herbal infused vodka for him – comments:

“Romance is where everything begins. It’s all about enhancing your romance. No other adult beverage puts sex into SEXY like our seductive spirits.”

Thanks to its unique product development approach, which includes infusing handcrafted vodka with ancient herbs such as ashwaganda, muira puama, epimedium, cinnamon, orange and vanilla, the brand has accomplished what very few products on the market can, which is becoming a consumer tested favorite.

“The botanicals infused with our premium vodka are truly special. They have been used in tinctures by the Maya, Inca and other ancient civilizations from around the world for centuries. Today you may find them in many “wellness” beverages but we are the first to use them in a spirit; I believe we are selling something much more than a unique bottle of booze. We are really selling something that we all crave: romance. That’s what a first, second and 100th timer can expect, when they are drinking EasyRhino with their significant other, that their night of seduction is starting off with a beverage that adds vigor and arousal to the drinking experience.”- Mr. Tushinsky explains.

The time-tested invigorating effect possessed by these age-old herbs helps set the stage for a perfect night of celebration and closeness while also making for a truly unique and unrivaled mixological experience with renowned bartenders across America choosing the iconic blue bottle when preparing exquisite concoctions such as The White Rhino (1.5 oz EasyRhino liqueur, 5 oz ginger beer and fresh lime juice), or The Black Rhino (1.5 oz EasyRhino liqueur, 1.5 oz vanilla creamer and 5 oz of your favorite coffee)  – the brand even launched an exclusive opportunity for mixologists who come up with exciting new cocktail recipes to be featured and credited.

As the number of self-proclaimed alpha males who have made this their spirit of choice increases steadily, so does the positive awareness raised towards the founder´s vision to give back to nature by supporting and protecting endangered species such as the rhino and the silverback gorilla by donating 10% of annual sales to organizations at the forefront of the fight to protect and preserve wildlife such as the Black Mambas APU.

Available online and in select retail locations, EasyRhino liqueur is quickly evolving and becoming a lifestyle brand set to release new and exciting additions to its product line including the much anticipated romance enhancement kits that have been created to further enhance the consumer´s overall experience.

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