Never Falling Under Entertainments Newest r&b artist Jay01176

Jay01176 also known as Jeremy Jackson,is a Chicago-born R&B artist with a promising future . His love for music started in middle school when he played the saxophone, and it’s been a passion of his ever since. In just two short years, he’s made waves in the music industry, dropping his debut EP “Love with No Heart” in December 2022, featuring the hit single “Love Far Away.”

His music is heavily influenced by R&B love songs, and inspired from artists like Toosi and No Cap who are known for their unique styles that resonate with their audiences. However, Jay01176 strives to set himself apart by being authentic and true to his greatness . He believes his individuality is what makes his music stand out in the R&B genre. Jay01176 worked hard to develop a sound that is both familiar and fresh, blending classic R&B tropes with his own unique perspective on love and relationships.

In coming years his goal as an artist is to grow his fan base and take his music worldwide. He’s also interested in meeting and collaborating with different celebrities in the music industry. Outside of music life , Jay01176 enjoys playing basketball and bowling, which helps him stay grounded and focused on life. Jay01176 has a total of 20,000 organic views on all platforms. 

Join Jay01176 on his journey and check out some of his other tracks, including “Love Runner,” which was released on March 31. Jay01176 is excited to see where his musical career takes him next and he hopes you’ll be along for the ride !

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